All About Real Estate

Have you purchased a parcel of land or invested money to buy a building or even an apartment? All of these are real estate. Real estate consists of buildings, land, property, underground rights and air rights under and above the land. The statement real estate means physical or real property, and derives from the Latin word "res." Some people believe that real estate derives from the term "rex," which means "royal" in the Latin language."

There are four different types of such estates:

- Residential: This is inclusive of both resale homes and homes under construction. The commonest category is homes for single families. Apart from this, there are triple deckers, condominiums, townhouses, cooperatives, quadplexes, duplexes, vacation, high value, and multi generational homes. The construction of the building apart, many other services go into the development of such houses, which includes installation of air conditioners, plumbing, installation of power cables, as well as installation of boilers. It is advisable that one should opt for a good boiler installation uk based company for installing boilers in real estates in the United Kingdom.

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- Commercial: This includes educational and medical buildings (schools, universities, hospitals, nursing homes, diagnostic centres) strip malls, and shopping centres. Even apartment buildings are often thought of as commercial, despite the fact that they are typically used for residential purposes. The reason behind this is such buildings are owned in order to generate income.

- Industrial: This includes warehouses, and manufacturing property and buildings. The owners of such buildings use them for research, storage, distribution, as well as production of goods. Certain buildings, which are used for distributing goods, are considered as commercial real estate as well. Some buildings that distribute goods are considered commercial real estate. It is important to classify them in this manner because the area, construction, as well as sales are handled in a different manner.

- Land: This includes ranches, working farms, as well as vacant land. The sub categories of vacant land include site assembly, reuse or early development, subdivision, and undeveloped.

What services are needed for real estate?

There are many different services that are needed and they differ depending on the type of property. For example, a warehouse will need storage shelves to store the goods within it and also need ladders and fork lifts to store and retrieve the goods in an easy manner. However, all types of buildings require certain common services such as gas connection, power connection, and water connection. These factors apart, one also requires heaters and air conditioners for both residential and commercial property to keep the room within them chilled during the summer and warm during the winter season. Multi storied buildings require lifts so that individuals can go to their respective floor without having to climb the steps. Commercial buildings such as malls require escalators to allow customers to move with relative ease from one floor to the other. People use real estate for different purposes such as for residing or for industrial purposes, or for setting up a store.